Enduring design. Responsible choices. Healthier habitats. Change your HAABITTS.

HAABITT PLLC is a New England-based multidisciplinary design and research practice focused on more sustainable and healthier solutions for small-scale architecture projects, large-scale urban research efforts, and projects that span the distance between the two.

What's in a Name?  HAABITT (pronounced habit) is an anagram for HABITAT.  We adopted this moniker because it reflects our work at the overlap between two separate but intertwined efforts: (1) facilitating better habits in the selection of building materials and products as we design, specify and build, and (2) raising awareness about the positive effects these changes can have on our living and working spaces, our local communities, and the delicate ecosystems of the greater natural world.

A full-service design firm, HAABITT offers partnership for clients seeking expertise on all phases of the design and construction processes. We are particularly invested in helping clients navigate those decisions that come early in the design process: Identifying projects and development opportunities, clarifying project objectives and priorities, understanding the design and construction processes, and determining together what is possible given the very real limitations of context, space, schedule, budget and environmental impact. Inherent in our work is a strong commitment to minimizing the ecological and environmental impacts of design and construction processes.